We Need Your Help!!!!

Updated - 7/10/17


  • Financial Support - So far this year financial contributions have been down while requests for services have been up. In order to get the most out of your donations, CVTP relies upon volunteers and only has one part-time employee on staff -- Maria Meija. To meet the needs of our community, Maria works almost twice the amount of hours she is paid to work. But even operating this short of staff, our financial obligations are reaching a point where they outweigh our contributions. We need the support of good men and women to keep this from happening in 2017!


  • Volunteers - We need volunteers to help with General Labor Projects, Bible Studies, Office Work and more. On the left side of this website you will find a tab for volunteer applications. If you have a heart for service, please take a few minutes to fill out the application, and let us know how you would like to help.


  • New Meeting Room - For quite some time, CVTP has hosted our groups inside our office at 528 E Highland Blvd. Several of our groups have grown to a point where a larger meeting space has become necessary. To accomplish this we are transforming the large shop behind our office into a dedicated meeting space, which will be a blessing to our community for a long time to come. Construction is well underway thanks to a grant from the San Angelo Area Foundation and Contributions from our donors. To complete this project CVTP needs to raise approximately $26,000. The sooner we get the meeting room operational, the better.





Volunteer Opportunities:

Call (325) 658-1389 for more information.