New and Exciting Times

Dale Mathes - Chairman on July 9, 2015

12105830_10204879381889220_2510072850213847173_n Maria and Just Part of Her Amazing Family

The Board of Directors are proud to announce the new staff members for 2015:

Travis Mathes, Executive Director - Travis has been an intricate part of CVTP for the last 6 years and is uniquely qualified to help carry out the mission of  God's work here at CVTP due to his life experiences, going through our program, and then becoming a succesful citizen, businessman, husband, father, and most importantly a Godly man dedicated to serving others.

Maria Mejia, Business Administrator - Maria has been with us for more than a year, but she has to be mentioned due to the fact that she is such an important part of our organization. Maria take care of all of our business affairs during working hours, then she also volunteers tons of hours doing whatever is needed and that usually has something to do with interaction with the public and no one is a better "people person" than Maria. She also loves what our mission at CVTP is about and is our best promoter. She loves serving others and gives God all the glory.